Our Work

Our roots run deep in political and issue-advocacy communications, but we are also making a name for ourselves through our public relations campaigns for clients in the nonprofit, literary, culinary and cultural fields.

We work with our partners to build awareness of their activities and ideas, grow their organizations and inspire others to act. It’s natural to want the public to support your ideas and events that lead to great outcomes. That buzz can’t be bought — it has to be earned.

alabama grit case study
Building Strong Relationships with the Media, the Public

With the help of Longleaf Strategies, Alabama GRIT worked to shape the conversations around Alabama’s academic standards by uniting diverse stakeholders,accurately informing the public and seeking media coverage about what Alabama’s standards are and how they benefit the community.

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Celebrate Successes, Create Momentum To Do More

For the first ever Alabama Governor’s Early Childhood Education Leadership Summit, Longleaf Strategies helped create an environment that allowed stakeholders to celebrate successes and generate momentum to do more.

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alabama possible case study
Start Conversations, Change Discourse

Longleaf Strategies is helping anti-poverty advocates publish their perspectives on reputable opinion pages.

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healthy family alabama
Using Social Media To Foster, Grow Communities

Longleaf Strategies equips clients to create communities without boundaries.

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alabama school readiness alliance pre k task force
Keeping Your Issue in the News

Longleaf Strategies helps the Alabama School Readiness Alliance raise awareness about the importance of high-quality pre-k through ongoing earned media coverage.

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central alabama community foundation
Hosting Events To Change Community Perceptions

Longleaf Strategies helped the Central Alabama Community Foundation gain recognition in the community by creating its own opportunities to shine.

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