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Using Social Media To Foster, Grow Communities

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Longleaf Strategies equips clients to create communities without boundaries.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms create a virtual “town square” for like-minded people to engage with one another on issues and topics important to them. When conducted in coordination with traditional media and communications efforts, a smart social media strategy can create an echo chamber for your messages and help you grow your audience.

Successful social media strategies help organizations and companies develop a deeper bond with their supporters or customers, rallying them to take action. They cultivate relationships by posting photos, videos, notes and other messages on social media that spark interest and create a sense of community.

With the help of Longleaf strategies, groups like Alabama GRIT, The American Academy of Pediatrics – Alabama Chapter, and the Alabama School Readiness Alliance have fostered their own communities online and used these platforms to further their missions.

Alabama GRIT uses the hashtag #reallearning to share open a window into what is really taking place inside Alabama classrooms. The Alabama chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics launched the “Choose to Have a Healthy Family, Alabama” Facebook campaign to provide doctor-approved advice directly with parents. And the Alabama School Readiness Alliance uses the hashtag #PreK4AL as a rallying cry for supporters working to expand the state’s high-quality pre-k program.

When reporters, advocates, lawmakers and families connect with you on social media, they are more likely to share and support your cause and contribute to making your goals a reality.


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