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Hosting Events To Change Community Perceptions

central alabama community foundation
Longleaf Strategies helped the Central Alabama Community Foundation gain recognition in the community by creating its own opportunities to shine.

The Central Alabama Community Foundation is a nonprofit philanthropic foundation that distributes scholarships to local students as well as grants to projects focused on supporting education, health and culture within the region.

CACF receives positive news coverage when it awards thousands of dollars in valuable grants and scholarships. But CACF wanted to shine a spotlight on the work it did behind the scenes as a community convener and collaborator.

Longleaf Strategies proposed CACF host a series of free community conversations open to the public, in which participants could discuss pressing issues and community-based solutions. In 2014, CACF held three events that brought 150 community members together. Local leaders have praised how CACF is stepping in to lead conversations about issues affecting the community, and CACF intends on doing more of these events in the future.

By bringing leaders and neighbors together to discuss their community, CACF is better positioned as a convener, collaborator and supporter of positive change in Central Alabama.


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