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Building Strong Relationships with the Media, the Public

alabama grit case study
With the help of Longleaf Strategies, Alabama GRIT worked to shape the conversations around Alabama’s academic standards by uniting diverse stakeholders,accurately informing the public and seeking media coverage about what Alabama’s standards are and how they benefit the community.

Reporters and editors (and the general public) are eager to discover new stories, new ideas and new, trustworthy sources. Good relationships aren’t made by sending press releases. They are based on building trust: by being proactive, timely, relevant and convincing.

A key part of Alabama GRIT’s public engagement efforts are its collateral materials. Longleaf Strategies created materials for GRIT that draw on research from a wide variety of respected sources, helping establish Alabama GRIT as a dependable source of information that the general public and journalists can trust.

Having well-designed materials—such as pamphlets and fact sheets available for download online and for pickup at events—gives people tangible references to use, whether they are parents seeking information on what Alabama’s standards mean for their children, legislators considering how to vote on a measure, or journalists reporting on the subject.

As a result of these materials, reporters and editors are writing more accurate stories about Alabama’s academic standards. And parents, teachers, and community leaders engage in deeper conversations about what is happening inside Alabama’s classrooms.


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