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Celebrate Successes, Create Momentum To Do More

For the first ever Alabama Early Childhood Education Leadership Summit, Longleaf Strategies helped create an environment that allowed stakeholders to celebrate successes and generate momentum to do more.

In February 2015, the State of Alabama brought together hundreds of early childhood education leaders to recognize Alabama’s successes in supporting children from birth to five years of age. The early childhood community has successfully advocated for increased funding for the state’s First Class Pre-K program, but there is still more to be done.

In addition to designing the set and program for the Summit, Longleaf Strategies led media outreach and created a social media strategy to generate buzz. Several news outlets reported on the event, and the enthusiasm in the room reverberated outside the four walls when attendees posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #ALEarlyEd.

Celebratory events such as the summit provide opportunities for members of the public, private and nonprofit sectors to connect with one another, to reinforce a message, and to use that momentum to do more.


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