Longleaf Strategies, LLC is a full-service strategic communications and public relations firm that maximizes news coverage and increases public awareness about our clients’ activities and ideas.

In today’s 24-7, direct-to-you news environment, what you say and how you say it matters. We help our clients develop the right messages and choose the right formats to deliver those messages to their audiences. We implement proven communications strategies that help our clients navigate through the clutter and achieve success – whether they compete in the marketplace of goods or the marketplace of good ideas.

The Longleaf Strategies family tree extends beyond our Montgomery, Alabama, headquarters. We partner with leading writers, graphic designers, videographers, web programmers and social media architects from coast to coast to provide our clients with the customized services they need.

Adam Muhlendorf, President


As one of the leading communications strategists in the state of Alabama, Adam Muhlendorf has helped raise the profile of numerous individuals, organizations and initiatives.   [Read more]

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